For parents and carers

Does this sound like you?

Does this sound like you?

My teenager hates me! My teen doesn’t listen to me! My teen is anxious and stressed out. My teen is lonely and depressed.

At Evexia Counselling Services we offer hope for frustrated parents.

Teen counselling is a great place to start. A trained and experienced counsellor can be a game changer for teens and their families. We offer hope for frustrated parents. At Evexia Counselling Service we are here to support you. We provide counselling to teens and families. We help teens feel better about them selves and improve their confidence.

What we can help with

  • School refusal
  • Relationship breakup
  • Parents separating or divorcing
  • Fitting in, self-esteem, confidence
  • Low achievement and study skills.
  • Depression & anxiety
  • PTSD/ trauma
  • Transitions to university
  • Gender and sexuality support / questions
  • ASD support
  • Social skills
  • Difficulty with concentration, insight, attention span
  • Lack of motivation effecting ability to get out of bed/ go to school
  • Physical illness or disability that effects functioning

There is no one complete list of issues that teens come across, but you can see how all these things can build up overtime, especially if you don’t feel that you can talk about you worries or thoughts openly with anyone.

Guiding your teen through a difficult period in their life can be challenging.  You may have difficulty relating to their experience or you may find it confronting that they have an issue at all, and feel it may reflect on you or your parenting style.  We support parents in understanding how they can support their teenager through a difficult time, and provide you with tools to first feel comfortable with your role in their scenario and equip you with tools and strategies to enable you to be a solid resource in difficult times and build a stronger relationship.


Sometimes and individual’s problem is affecting the entire family, such as an addiction, depression, or behavioural problems. Working together as a whole family can be really valuable. Family therapy can be useful for addressing family-wide problems such as conflicts between siblings, spouses, or parents and children


Not sure how to help your teen?

As a parent it can be hard to know what to do. We’ve created some resources that can support you in this journey.


Join our mailing list and get your own step by step guide that you can personalise for handling emotional crises as well as a some tools to keep you organised and on top of things.

In addition to providing individual and family counselling , Marie conducts training for parents, teachers and carers on supporting young people through their crisis. For more information on course content and scheduled events click here.

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