Couples Counselling

At The Therapy Hub we offer couple, marriage and relationship counselling.

Do you want to feel more connected and closer to your partner?

Maybe you would like to achieve a more satisfying sex life?

Perhaps you would like to communicate more effectively with each other?

Couple and Relationship Therapy

Couples counselling brings couples or partners together for joint therapy sessions. While working with your therapist, you’ll learn skills to strengthen your relationship and overcome challenges. 

Seeking couples therapy when your relationship is suffering can be difficult, discussing your innermost feelings and thoughts to a new person can be daunting. At The Therapy Hub all our therapists are compassionate, non blaming and non judgmental.

Weekly Couple Therapy Sessions 

The first part of the work will be a little more intensive. With a few sessions within about a week.

You’ll meet your therapist as a couple, then individually – and then for a feedback session.

Some of our therpists require that before the individual sessions you will need to complete Gottman Assessment. They will give you the details for this if it’s relevent. Then you meet individually for 50 -80 (each therapist does it slightly differently, then together for an 80-110 min session. 

Follow-up sessions weekly for 50-80 min.

Fees are charged per session and vary according to your Therapist.

What we can help with

At the Therapy Hub, we support couples through a variety of life events or concerns such as:


Substance abuse 

Mental health challenges 


Mismatched Libidos

Grief & loss 

Adjusting to parenthood 


Parenting conflicts


What to expect

Couples therapy deals with the present day but also any history that causes unhealthy patterns of relating. Together , in a supportive and nonjudgmental way , we look back on previous conversations and arguments and to try and work out how it all happened and how we can make positive changes moving forward 

”Through therapy, we will work together to clarify problems and identify possible solutions. Together we can find a way to address the issues you face and explore ways to cope. Our aim is to bring out the very best in you and to help you negotiate difficult relationships and experiences.”


If you’d like us to support you to have a healthier and happier relationship get in touch now to book an appointment.

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