Our fees vary depending on the service you are seeking and which therapist in our team that you see. Our fees are less than the Australian Psychological Society’s and Australian Association of Social Worker’s recommended fee schedule. Report writing is billed at the clinicians session rate.

Our standard appointment length is 50 minutes, you may request a longer or shorter session which we charge accordingly.

Individual Therapy

  • Registered Counsellors and Reigstered Social Workers  – $190*
  • Clinician (Accredited Mental Health Social Workers and Psychologists) – $230 -$240*
  • Senior Clinicians, Couples and Family Therapists  – $260*

*some clinicians may charge an additional fee of $20 for after hours and weekends


Marathon Couples Sessions

Two day or three day marathon sessions the cost is from $4500. Learn more here.

This includes a comprehensive assessment using the Gottman Relationship checkup and a customised treatment plan for you as a couple.

Couple and Family Counselling

*prices are a guide they vary depending on the clinician.

  • First Appointment – $390 (75 minutes)
  • Subsequent Appointments – $260 (50 minutes)

Couples Counselling with Marie Vakakis

The Assessment phase consists of an appointment together as a couple, then each person individually than together again.

  • First Appointment (110 minutes) includes Gottman assessment – $600 
  • individual appointments $260 (50 minutes)
  • $390 – subsequent couple (80 minutes)

Marathon session from $4500


If you obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP or are referred by your psychiatrist you may be eligible to claim back a rebate from Medicare for each session, up to 10 sessions in a calendar year. This applies to individual counselling only, not couple or family therapy. Refer to the referral options page for more information about how to obtain a Medicare rebate and to learn more about third-party funding options.


If you’d like to talk with us about how counselling can help you and your family feel more connected and improve your relationships please contact us today for an appointment.

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