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A Day In The Life of An Accredited Mental Health Social Worker in Private Practice

Each day in Private Practice includes a range of exciting and different activities and tasks. These include:

● Providing counselling and therapeutic support
● Admin work like writing letters to GP’s and Psychiatrist
● Creating resources for clients and marketing
● Attending group supervision
● Professional learning – watching webinars and online learning

A typical day

My day’s vary week to week, I plan about 4 – 6 weeks ahead and allow time for seeing clients, completing admin, participating in training and working around any personal needs and errands I may have.

My routine

● I walk or ride to work around 8.30 am, sometimes I start later at 9.30, this give me time to go to the gym before work
● I water my plants (I have an abundance of indoor plants in my office) and hit the emails. I follow up with clients, chat to our admin team and begin preparing for the day.
● After lunch I’ll make some phone calls and do my case notes for the morning.
● After seeing another 2 clients I usually stop for a break, I walk down to my local cafe for a chai tea or simply go for a walk to stretch my legs.

Other Tasks

  • Podcasting – I am the host of The Inside Social Work Podcast. I spend some time usually on a Friday researching podcast guests or interviewing
  • I spend time creating activities for my clients, I work a lot with teens so i spend time coming up with fun and engaging activities to do with them
  • Creating social media and blog posts, which include coping strategies, affirmations and other tools
  • Attending networking events – The Therapy Hub hosts local Mental Health Professionals Network events every 3 – 4 months. I co-ordinate the network and plan the events.

Perks of the job

Some afternoons also include doing some online training, networking or participating in group supervision.
My schedule is very flexible and I can work around my own personal needs and work to my own energy levels. That could mean starting later and finishing later on some days or starting earlier and finishing earlier on others.

If you are interested in joining The Therapy Hub team, take a look at our available positions or express your interest on our Join Our Team page.

Written by Accredited Mental Health Social Worker Marie Vakakis, To learn more about Marie read her bio here.

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