Neurodiveristy Affirming Autism and ADHD Assessments

Neurodiveristy Affirming Autism and ADHD Assessments


At The Therapy Hub we offer neurodiversity affirming ADHD and Autism assessments, designed specifically with adults in mind. 

We celebrate neurodiversity and understand that every individual’s brain works in unique ways. Our goal is to support you in discovering your own neurodiverse strengths and challenges, whether you are exploring the possibility of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Autism.

Our assessments are tailored to reflect the distinct experiences of adults, acknowledging that neurodiversity can shape our lives in diverse and nuanced ways. 

Our assessments acknowledge that people may have different ways of thinking, feeling, processing information, and communicating. These differences are not disorders, but natural variations in the human experience. There is no one ‘normal’ type of brain.Our assessments can help Formalise self-identification and rule in/out autism and ADHD to allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your neurotype, and your personal strengths and challenges.

Not feeling accepted and constantly feeling like something is wrong with you can have a profound impact on autistic and ADHD individuals. Constantly being told to be different, to act a certain way or to have needs like sensitivity to noise or smells ignored, is not neurodiverse affirming. Many autistic and ADHD folk we work with have had hundreds of these experiences over a lifetime. Not feeling included and valued can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression. It may also impact their ability to form meaningful relationships and succeed in academic and professional settings.

That why we promote being neurodiverse affirming , which is crucial for the wellbeing of neurodivergent individuals and for promoting a more inclusive society.

    Some of the potential benefits of having an Autism and ADHD assessment:



    • Formalise self-identification
    • Rule in/out autism and ADHD
    • Gain a deeper understanding of your neurotype, and your personal strengths and challenges
    • Provides a language to help communicate your experiences, needs, and preferences to others, including family and friends, teachers, employers, and colleagues.
    • Build self-compassion and acceptance
    • Build connection to the neurodivergent community
    • Access to information, resources and supports 
    • Recommendations about reasonable adjustments and accommodations that could be made at your place of work or study, to help you to avoid stress and burn out, and to support you to reach your potential
    • A comprehensive report is generated, which may be used to apply for NDIS funding or the Disability Support Pension (see further information about this below)

    What this assessment is not for: 



    • Psychologists are not able to prescribe medication for any condition or diagnosis. Therefore, if your main goal for obtaining an ADHD assessment is to trial ADHD medication, we suggest speaking to your GP about a referral to a suitably qualified psychiatrist who can complete their own assessment and then prescribe you medication if appropriate. Psychiatrists will not prescribe based on an assessment done by someone else, however the report generated might provide evidence to support their assessment. 


    • Recommendations provided in the final report cannot guarantee approval for the NDIS or DSP, as we have no jurisdiction over these decisions. Furthermore, people are only eligible for NDIS if they are assessed as requiring Substantial or Very Substantial support. 


    • This assessment package is not a comprehensive psychological assessment, which means it does not assess for cognitive capacity/intellectual disability, Specific Learning Disabilities, mood, personality or trauma. If you are seeking further or additional assessment, your options can be discussed.

    What is included in an ADHD and Autism report?

    • Demographic summary 
    • Brief background history and presenting concerns
    • A summary of experiences and traits consistent with autism and ADHD based on results of the Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum, Second Edition [MIGDAS-2], which is considered the most neuro-affirming Autism assessment tool currently available
    • The results of the questionnaires summarised, interpreted and presented in tables
    • Any diagnoses that align with autism and ADHD criteria in DSM-5-TR
    • Recommendations for further support and accommodations which could be used in an
    • application for NDIS or DSP. 
    • Information regarding helpful accommodations for place of work, study and home

    What the assessment involves: 

    • A demographics and personal history form  – this will be emailed to you to fill out online (you will have at least two weeks to fill this out) 
    • Structured clinical interview (MIDGAS +/- DIVA-5) – single 3-hour appointment (telehealth or in-person). This assessment will be video recorded with your consent.
    • Clinical questionnaires – approximately 5 questionnaires sent out to you via email to be completed online (may include: CAT-Q, BRIEF, SRS-2, ABAS-3, MAIA-2, ASRS)
    • A 50-minute feedback session to verbally explain the results including any diagnoses, process any feelings about the results, a chance to answer any questions, and discuss next steps
    • A report which includes results of the assessment, relevant diagnoses, and recommendations will be provided within 6 weeks of your assessment, once payment has been received. 

    Note: Your clinician will ask you about traits that have been present in adulthood and childhood, therefore it can be useful for some people to have a parent, carer, or another safe adult who knew you during childhood (i.e., before you were 12 years old) attend some of the assessment sessions if you feel comfortable. A parent or carer may also be able to help you to fill out the demographics and personal history form. 




    Age range: Adults aged 18 + 

    Administration: This assessment is appropriate for either telehealth or face-to-face

    Combined ADHD and Autism Assessment Fees: $1950 (inc. GST)

    Autism Assessment only Fee: $1750 (inc. GST)

    ADHD Assessment only Fee: $1500 (inc. GST)

    Payment plans:

    We understand that assessments are a big investment. Here is the schedule of payments:

    • A deposit of $500 is required when you book the assessment session to secure the time slot. 

    • Second instalment on the day of your assessment session

    • Final instalment prior to receiving your complete report 


    The fee includes: 

    • 15-minute phone intake for new clients (with Maddy) 
    • Assessment session (one 3-hour session) 
    • Scoring, interpretation and collation of questionnaire results, and preparation of a written report 
    • Feedback session (50 minutes, either telehealth or in-person)
    • The purchase of questionnaires which require a license to use and interpret 



    Unfortunately, Mental Health Care Plans cannot be used for a rebate on any part of your assessment, as Medicare stipulates that these item numbers can only be used for psychological therapy. For clients aged under 25, there may be a Medicare rebate for the assessment session if you are referred for the assessment by a psychiatrist or paediatrician (not GP) under MBS Item 82000. There are no Medicare rebates available for adults aged over 25 years. Private health funds vary and it is best to check with your provider to see whether they will fund or partially fund the assessment appointments. Each participants NDIS funding package also varies so it is best to discuss with your support coordinator whether psychological assessment is part of your package.


    Referral info:

    You can self-refer for an assessment (no GP appointment or referral required!). Please contact the Therapy Hub to discuss my next availability as a waitlist may apply.

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