This Refund Policy documents the circumstances under which an individual may seek a refund from The Therapy Hubs for its events. This policy is prepared in accordance with Australian Consumer Law. The policy sets out the process to request a refund, the conditions that will permit a refund to be approved and the timeframe for an approved refund to be processed.

The following section provides details of the various scenarios that may support a request for a refund:

a. System Error
In the event of a technical error with The Therapy Hub, TTH will refund the transaction either in full or relevant part thereof. In some cases evidence of the error may be required if the payment is disputed by TTH. For example, evidence of an item being debited to a bank account more than once may be required to be provided to request a refund if there is no corresponding record on Stripe. Evidence may be in the form of a copy of credit card statement or bank statement that demonstrates the error. To ensure the privacy of the card/account holder, any personal information or transactions not relevant to the error should be hidden or removed.

b. Cancelled Event
A refund will be approved when an Event has been cancelled by the Event Organiser. The refund will be made by the Event Organiser directly.

c. Other Reason (not covered above) Refunds for reasons other than those covered in the above scenarios will be considered on a case by case basis by TTH.

d. Unavailability/ Change of circumstances

If you are unable to attend an event and give less than 14 days notice, no refund or exchange of ticket will be available.

If you are unable to attend an event and give between 14-21 days, 50% refund will be available or a transfer to the next course.

If 30 days notice or more is given a refund may be made or you will be eligible to exchange your ticket to an event running on a different date.

If an individual has disputed a transaction and received a refund from their bank, they will no longer have access to the privileges that would have been available to them associated with that event payment.

Refund requests for the Event are to be made by contacting the TTH office and providing details to support the refund request. The customer will be notified once all relevant approvals have been considered and a decision on the refund request has been made (this may take up to 2 weeks).

Refunds approved for Event Tickets will be processed within 2 weeks of being approved. These refunds may be performed online or via credit card and may require credit card details. Please note timeframes are subject to receiving approval by all responsible parties and the processing times for the respective financial institutions.