Do you know how to ask your son, daughter, student or friend if their mental health is OK?

We are often afraid to ask for help and often just as afraid to check in with someone we work with, live with, hang out with or care about. Sometimes we’re not sure when is the right time to ask and sometimes we’re afraid if we ask we’ll make it worse. It can be confusing and it can be stressful but there are things you can do to help you know what to look for and learn techniques to help you get someone they support and assistance they need. Learning Mental Health First Aid is one way you can learn some new ways to support someone you know.

’I really got quite a lot out of completing the course, I feel a lot more confident to assess and assist someone who is showing signs of deteriorating mental health.’’

I’m running several public courses focusing on Youth Mental Health First Aid over the coming months to learn more or book check out my event page.

If you want to run a private session for your workplace feel free to contact me for a quote. For other courses and additional dates and locations check here

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